Trips from Singapore


My brother Ben and his wife Holly came to visit us in Singapore. After resting up from the flight and exploring the city a bit, we headed off to Thailand. Thailand's old capital, Ayutthaya, is an hour or two out of Bangkok by car. Angela's colleage Aeng and her boyfriend offered to take us siteseeing there. We saw ancient temples and took a dinner cruise on the river. We even got to try Thai cotton candy burritos; they're a specialty in Ayutthaya. They're called "roti sai mai". It's a sort of colored cotton candy floss that you wrap in a thin pancake. They're sold on every street corner in the area.

Back in Bangkok, we visited the snake farm. It was sort of interesting to be separated from highly venomous snakes by... well, by nothing. But the presenter explained that they weren't aggressive snakes, so we didn't need to worry.

Next we went to the most famous of Thai attractions--no, not the go-go bars--to the Grand Palace. We wandered around until we got tired, then took a cruise on the backroads of Bangkok. No cars at all, just boats.

Seated from left to right: Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, Buddha A really famous stupa whose name I've misplaced Aeng and Angela (with boyfriends) Ben and Holly on their first elephant ride Going past some Thai ruins King Cobra at the Bangkok snake farm Don't worry, he's not aggressive. Not poisonous? Very poisonous, just not very aggressive. Holly gets to hold a python The gigantic mural of the Thai Ramayana at the Grand Palace Detail from the mural Getting ready for a picture at the palace The backstreets of Bangkok--the canals

In May Angela and I went to Milwaukee to meet the newest member of the family: Little Lois.

In the Elm Grove sunroom Angela showing off our travel photos to Gramma Dahlman Ben holding his little niece Lois Ella Dahlman

Then we headed down to Arkansas for a Gill family reunion. It was great to see everyone, and Lois was quite a celebrity--when we weren't busy playing Chinese golf.

We played sports like volleyball And less traditional sports like Chinese Horseshoes Or was it Chinese Golf? Hours and hours of fun All the Dahlmans Proud parents Jason, Marco, Gramma and Lois Lois Ella Sr & Lois Ella Jr Autie Tricia Bubble blowing closeup Hard work being a baby; hard work having a baby

We took a day trip to Melaka (or Melacca). It was National Day weekend in Singapore, so we got a bit more traffic than we bargained for. But it still turned out to be a nice day trip. We ate chicken with rice balls, tried the cendol dessert specialty, and wandered around the town for an afternoon.

Chinese Temple Dragon detail at temple The central square of the town Flowered, umbrella-ed trishaws were always trying to lure tourists

Last modified: 7 August 2005