Trips from Singapore


One of the reasons we moved to Singapore was to be able to use it as a central place to travel from.

But before we even got to Singpore we stopped off in Paris and Lyon. We got to say hello to some old friends in Paris and get to see France's second city for the first time.

Stefano, Margherita, Angela and Arancha at La Villette in Paris in front of the Geode Lyon Typical Lyon--which windows are real? Roman amphitheater in Lyon

Our first day trip from Singapore was to the Indonesian island of Bintan. It's basically a resort island designed to accomodate vacationers from Singapore.

We booked a trip to "Interact with Dolphins", and we weren't disappointed. We jumped in the pens with our instructor and got to touch the dolphins and give them the commands to have them do various tricks. The pens weren't big enough, and the Dolphins all seemed to have scratches where they'd run into the sides of the pen. But they still seemed happy enough and certainly playful. We knew things would be good when Angela waved to the dolphins before we got in... and they waved back. Seriously. Each dolphin responded with repeated and unmistakable waving.

Sparkle and buddy wave hello Getting ready to meet the dolphins Kisses from the dolphins Andy two-timing Dolphin dancing The dolphins showing off to say goodbye

Our next trip was back to England for Sarah and Corentin's wedding. It was a great ceremony in a little church in the countryside in Elmswell, Suffolk.

Angela was a bridesmaid, and I was an usher. The weather was fantastic--hard to believe in England, I know--and everyone had a great time. We even got called on for extra duty as translators during the bi-lingual reception party afterwards.

View of the church from our B&B Julien and Kevin exploring the countryside before the wedding The groom's father, best man, groom, and bride Just after the knot's been tied The wedding party Angela, Sarah, and Linda Linda and Yu-ichi Matt and Angela

When we first heard about Kerim's wedding in Istanbul, we wanted to go but weren't sure if we'd be able to. But in the end we were able to arrange our trips so that we spent one weekend in England and the following weekend in Istanbul.

We got there a bit early, so we explored Istanbul for a few days. They had great kepabs, and everyone was friendly--especially the ones trying to sell carpets!

We'd love to get back for a little longer sometime. But at least it was nice to see Kerim again and to see a little of Istanbul.

Sultan Ahmet Camii ("The Blue Mosque") Inside the Blue Mosque Aya Sophya Inside Aya Sophya View of European Istanbul from Topkapi Palace View of Asia Istanbul from Topkapi Palace Sunken Palace Cistern Enjoying the local apple tea The happy [wet] couple Kerim explains Turkish culture after a few drinks Andy causing trouble again

Our first chance to go scuba diving was in Tioman, Malaysia. The trip was a bit disorganized, but we some good dives.

The dive boat Jim, Andy, and Angela relaxing on the front of the boat after our last dive. Giant clam Ray We saw lots and lots of sea urchins Another big clam Typical clown fish in their anemone Jellyfish city filled with fish

I went to a trade show in Sidney, Australia. This was the view from my hotel room.

Manly Beach

I had a training session at corporate headquarters in Lyon. On the way there I stopped off in Paris to say hello to some friends.

Margherita cooking a welcome-back-to-Paris breakfast Lunch with Stefano and Arancha Dinner with Sarah and Corentin Relaxing after dinner

In Lyon I got to know the other Sunopsis tech team better over cheese and cheese and meat and cheese and pototoes. The trip almost had to be postponed because 8 December is a holiday in Lyon. In the evenings the streets were crowded with people, the buildings and streets were all lit up, and most windows had candles in them.

Raclette dinner with the French, American, Italian, English, and APAC teams represented Lyon during the festival of 8 December. Candles in all the windows. Lyon during the festival of 8 December. Lights on all the streets. The carpark

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