Visitors since I got my camera

When Gabs came to visit, a sort of spontaneous mini-party erupted.
June 2000
Anuja visited before I had my camera, but then she returned in June 2000 with Caylan just so she could get her picture taken.  We've still got the headband and sparkley knickers to prove it.
June 2000
Then Mike & Sue Salerno from Concord, MA, USA. (but somehow Sue escaped without having her picture taken!)
May 2000
Marie-Pierre from Lyon was the first to visit.
May 2000

Practice pictures taken while I was trying to figure out how to use my camera:


That was one big dog.  I'm afraid that the dog picture doesn't quite capture the moment.  It was more of a small furry horse than a canine really.  Those two women could easily have ridden on it instead of just walking behind it.  It was a big dog.

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