April 2003

In short,

We went to the Bay Islands in Honduras for some scuba diving and a little break from all the ruins and colonial towns. Roatan is the nicer of the two islands, but Utila is the cheaper one. We chose, predictably, Utila. Although planning on just doing some fun dives, we quickly decided that we might as well get our advanced certification. It's possibly the cheapest place in the world to do it, and it included some good dives. We got to dive to 100 ft (deep enough for a little nitrogen narcosis) and do a night dive as well--where a baracuda was attracted to our flashlights and followed us around for 30 minutes.

Priceless art at a famous Honduran museum in La Ceiba Between dives with the dive masters Matt and Angela between dives

After that we bussed down to Copan. The ruins were impressive with lots of sculptures and hieroglyphics telling the stories of 18 Rabbit and Smoke Jaguar and other Indian rulers. The town itelf was also nice, so we stayed there a few days relaxing. We visited the hot springs--and they are definitely not warm springs, they're HOT. We also did some hiking and got to see a butterfly farm.

Matt's 18 Rabbit impression Copan ruins Angela head on Smoke Jaguar Enchanted Wings butterfly center Aguas Termales Hot Springs Daily Banano Cocoa Licuados

We bussed from Livingstone, Guatemala to the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, and stayed just one night. It was nice enough, though not particularly interesting. Folks were friendly, and we wished we had time to see more of Honduras. Oh well, next time around.

Market and church in Tegucigalpa

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