Trips in 2000

Pictures from the first of my brother Jason and Marco's many weddings
November 2000
P0002106 P0002107 P0002108 P0002110 P0002111 P0002112 P0002120 P0002124 P0002125 chapel P0002130 P0002132 P0002137 P0002138 P0002139 P0002140 P0002145 P0002146 P0002147 P0002150 P0002151 P0002156 P0002158 P0002173 P0002175 P0002183 P0002184 P0002185 P0002190
Karl was our guide when we went to Ireland
November 2000
Karl_Matt_Andy_01 AnaLuisa_01 Angela_01 Angela_02 Angela_Andy_01 Castle_parking_lot Gabriella_01 Gabriella_02 Group_01 Group_02 Karl_01 Karl_02 Karl_03 Karl_Andy_01 Karl_Angela_01 Meeting_of_the_waters_01 Karl_04 View_from_livingroom_01
Visiting Sarah and Corentin in Montpellier
October 2000
Sarah01 Corentin01 Angela_matt01 beach01 beach02 bellies basketball01
September 2000
Angela_splash Angela01 beach01 beach02 beach03 Matt_splash01 Salt01 Salt02
Dave & Maria's Wedding in Portugal
September 2000
P0001637 P0001638 P0001639 P0001640 P0001641 P0001646 P0001647 P0001648 P0001649 P0001669 P0001670 P0001675 P0001682 P0001685 P0001691
August 2000
Three_whales Whale_dance Onyx_and_jr A_second_too_late Kerim_Matt01 Got_lost_where
Pat & Kate's wedding
July 2000
Pat and Kate
New Hampshire/Vermont
July 2000
Lost_River02 Lost_River04 Lost_River05 Canoe_Matt01 Canoe_Angela02
June 2000
Before_Vinopolis01 After_Vinopolis01 Callagans08 Corentin01 Dita01 Sah_Angela01 Nice_Slippers No_Busking Sarah_Angela01

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