Singapore 2005 with Matt and Angela



2005 was a big year for us in Singapore. We didn't do quite as much holiday travel as we had planned, but we both traveled quite a bit for work. Work travel isn't quite so interesting... so there aren't many pictures this year. It's a pretty big gap until the our wedding week festivities.

My brother Ben and his wife Holly visited us in January. We went to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. The Night Safari is interesting, but it's tough to get good photos there.

A black and white, er, something or other Warthogs Some of the monkeys were happy to pose for pictures Others weren't quite so excited about the pictures Orangutans Chimps lined up and waiting for their bananas. Seriously.

Without Ben and Holly here to amuse us, we had to find ways to amuse ourselves. Angela chose rollerblading. I chose to make productive use of her new tripod.

Rollerblading at East Coast Park Fun with a razor and a tripod

When you're traveling from the US and Europe to Singapore, it's a little too far to come just for the day. So the wedding party was more of a wedding week. But even before the official wedding week started, Sarah and Corentin came early for a little holiday time in Vietnam. We spent a long weekend relaxing in Hanoi.

We visited an array of temples and museums. But we were careful to save time for food and ice cream. We walked and shopped until we got tired (well, I'm not sure if Sarah was tired of shopping yet) and then took cyclos around town.

The red Huc Bridge to Ngoc Son Temple in Hoan Kiem Lake Memorial house in the Old Quarter presents traditional old merchant house and furnishings Sarah and Corentin on a cyclo We took a cyclo out to Brothers Cafe--a restaurant in a 250 year old Buddhist Temple One of the traditional open air markets What trip to Hanoi is complete without seeing the water puppets? Enjoying a romantic coconut at the Museaum of Ethnology

The wedding week officially kicked off with a champagne brunch on Sentosa Island. Some people arrived the night before while others came straight from the airport.

Sunday brunch at the Beaufort Angela and Florence Laurie and Tim Colley and Dave getting re-acquainted with Singapore

As anyone who's been to Singapore knows: one of the best things about Singapore is that you can leave it. So we headed over to the Indonesian island of Bintan for the day. Corentin and Matt took the early ferry to get in a full round of golf. The rest took a later ferry and took a tour of the mangroves before we all met up to relax on the beach.

On the fairway after another monster drive Ria Bintan golf course Mangrove tour on Bintan How did everyone like the tour? Tom and Angela Katie and David Swimming after a tough day of golfing and mangrove-watching Bintan beaches

Bukit Timah is one of the spots in Singaore where you can get away from city and into the jungle. It's area of primary rainforest completely surrounded by the city. We hiked around and saw tropical plants, monkeys, and signs warning of immediate execution if you leave the paths.

Walking up the main path Monkeys Don't go here unless you want to be shot at by guys with big guns Walking down a smaller path

We caught the bus from Singapore across the border to Johor Bahru in Malaysia. We wandered around the town, tried the local food and visited the Grand Palace Park (Istana Besar).

Entrance to Istana Besar

The wedding week preparations for the girls included dress fittings, make up sessions, and a fair bit of shopping. There was also Angela's grandpa's 80th birthday and lots of site seeing around town.

Dress fitting Make up practice session Grandpa's 80th birthday Smith Street in Chinatown David and Katie at Jurong Bird Park The Botannic Gardens Angela leading and other following... sort of Power shopping session Manicures and pedicures Stopping for a cold drink at Boat Quay

The big day.

David and Angela coming down the aisle Giving the rings Certificate and witnesses First married kiss The wedding couple Champagne fountain Signing the wedding poster Colley, Dave, David, Linda, Katie, Sarah, Corentin Linda, Angela and Sarah Full group Angela's Grandparents Immediate families Overseas friends Singapore friends The wedding courtyard The end of the evening Raffles Hotel

We took a sort of delayed honeymoon in Phuket in November. It was a long weekend of eating good Thai food, visiting some temples, snorkeling, and just lounging by the pool.

Quite a presentation for the tropical drinks The five course meal was vastly more than we could eat... but it sure was good Dragon temple roof Dragon temple detail Headed out to snorkel Blue skies and clear water made for excellent snorkeling

The next weekend we took another honeymoon! This time we flew to Perth and drove south to Margaret River. It was just a four day weekend again, but we had a great time site seeing. We drove through the forests in some of the national parks, and we visited the lighthouse on the southwestern corner of Australia. It right at the point where the Southern Ocean meets the Indian Ocean. We stoppped in at Lake Cave, and then spent some time on the beach. The beaches around there are great. But the photo of Angela was very nearly her last picture ever as the undertow started to drag her out.

Crackers and Margaret River cheese at River Glen Chalet National Parks Miles and miles of roads were just like this Wine tasting at one of the local vineyards Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse Lake Cave "tabletop" formation Headed down to the beach West coast Australian beaches Is she waving? or calling for help?

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